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This is some super nice gooey yummmnistic gorgeous Greenhouse Gorilla Glue #4 a super potent hybrid, Sativa dominant strain. This was grown to perfection! This is ridiculously laden with gooy resin. It is a Clear mind smoke, along with a deep body stone that matches a calmer focused cerebral smoke! It is the new Og of the modern era way more sativa oriented. with a wonderful amount of CBD’s which is why this has become so popular. This combination makes this an excellent daytime functional that is capable of providing energy and focus while allowing one more than adequate pain relief. It is also really good for migraines and a anti anxiety reliever Gorilla is quickly becoming a fan/fad favorite. taking 1st place at several different cannabis cups! Gorilla Glue  One can really smell the Chemness, in her genetics and she has a very definitive complex smell. Gorilla Glues lineage is derived from CHEM SIS crossed with Sour Dubb and a Chocolate Diesel. thrown in somewhere in between. As always Ennnnjooooy a fanatastic Greenhouse! Mr DEE;)

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