GORILLA GLUE #4 indoor -Premium Select-

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Gorilla Glue #4: Indoor 60/40 Indica Dominant Hybrid: Great for Chronic Pain: Deep relaxation, Migraines, Anxiety:

This is the heavy hitter in the Glue Family. One that can take you out with one hit smoke and choke! No kidding caught a few of us by surprise! Yet really she shouldn’t have because the nose on her from the very beginning told me she was a well loved and cured FLOWER! This is some super nice resin thick bud! Hits all cylinders from looks awesome smell and taste and last but not least POTENCY! 1o/10 in my book! Straight up Face Puncher to the 11th Degree. There is no playing around with this baby! She brings a deep stone that hits body and head!

Gorilla Glues have become the new Og’s of the modern era although most are more upbeat day time functionals, Gorilla Glue #4 follows her own path and is a border line dysfunctional! We are talking RELAXATION and DEEP SLEEP AID. She is also really good for migraines as well as an anti anxiety remedy. Gorilla Glues have become a fan/fad favorite. Taking 1st place multiple times at different cannabis cups!

One can really smell the Chemness in her genetics, and she has a very defined and pleasant yet complex smell. Gorilla Glues original lineage is derived from CHEM SIS crossed with Sour Dubb and a Chocolate Diesel. thrown in somewhere in between. As always Enjoy a fantastic Indoor smoke! Mr DEE;)

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