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Gold Rush nugs is quite simply good flower that has been put into hyper space! Using an organic process that uses Co2 oil and heat which enacts a decarboxylation which is converting THC A into THC 1. This same process also allows other Cbd and Cbn components to be more readily available. Gold Rush nugs are forever changed, What was once just cannabis has been naturally changed and is now on vefy different potent level. The cool part of this process is the bud itself is the perfect medium to smoke this now Co2 oil saturated to the core ( Not like some others that are crunchy and brittle inside) Finally the new version is finished by being rolled in AAA golden baby power kief, making it quite the beautiful sight. Many of Purple Dragon patients especially those who have Chronic pain really find this wondrous bud very beneficial! The best part of this whole thing is You need only a very little piece to get great pain relieving results. Usually the size of a half a peanut added to a small bowl of flower will do. You will find Gold Rush Nugs is a very smooth smoke and if your someone who likes vaping, you will love the variety of our flavored ones such as this one being Apple Strudel. Gold Rush nugs intention was to increase or maximize the potential of bud as well as create a unique way of experiencing flavors beyond the normal spectrum. Unlike Moonrocks who have used old poor quality or even damaged and diseased bud in order to save expenses. Gold Rush Nugs uses quality indoor or high quality greenhouse bud to start with! If flavor is not your thing?! Purple Dragon has a non flavored version as well! Please Enjoy!
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