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Girl Scout Cookies Forum Cut: Top of the mountain GSC: Great for Pain, glaucoma,  and chronic stress.

So what does one say about one of the kings of the cannabis world? I remember when Og’s and Pre Bubba 98 ruled the day! What the hell happened? Cookies happened thats what! Yeah! they fell off for a moment, due to the fact that it seemed every person who even dreamed they could grow tried to grow GSC. Yet She never totally fell off the circuit completely! She was just taking a nap and then last year she came back with a fury. Presidential, Forum Cut, Berners. I’m not even gong to get into a debate on whether Berners was the first Cookies as he claims! I will just say he is one of a few amazing varieties out there that are… Well breath taking to say the least!


Girl Scout Cookies Forum Cut has a more Sativa influence aiding in a more upbeat high that allows one a more functional day and still be pain free.

Girl Scout Cookies Forum Cut is a Highline Cookie. You won’t find seeds, which today can be problematic for many growers who are using faulty genetics due to too much. ( I found a seed in my stash and now I got Cookies syndrom! Eventually afte a 1,000 times of that going down this becomes a weakened phenotype that has some of the lovely GSC traits yet also carries a very easily triggered hermaphroditic condition. Bad Very Bad indeed! Well Jungle Boys did their thing and got a good one. If you like a more headier cookie this is your choice. Enjoy! Mr DEE;)



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