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Ginseng Og: Indica Dominant heady Hybrid: Great for Chronic Pain, Migraines, Nausea:

Ginseng OG is a refreshing body and head hitting  Og that just recently came on the scene. She is an excellent smelling and tasting OG that gets one’s mouth watering in a heart beat.

OG’s seem King of The world why is that?

Since Og’s introduction back in the late 70’s it became quite clear they had a lot to offer in many categories. From Chronic Pain, Nausea, to sleep, appetite stimulation, as well as anti anxiety medicine. This strains popularity was dominant in all these areas and has been a staple of the LA scene where its inception began! Or was that HUMBOLDT??!! Ah! The debate lingers on!

Either way Ginseng OG  has a lot to offer in these same areas and hits the love meter in all phases from her aesthetics of beautiful flower, wonderful lemon piney aroma, and superb tasty OG yumminess! To the final one most important Potency! Please Enjoy an Excellent cured, loved, manicured and Indica Dominant Ginseng OG! MR DEE;)

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