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Best FTP Deal in San Diego

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Best FTP Deal – $99=10 Grams Pick 5 strains 2 Grams apiece any Shelf!!

This deal includes AMBROSIA and Gold Rush Nugs

This is the best FTP Deal /  First Time Patient Deal you will ever find. Seriously! This is our sampler platter, so to speak which gives you unadulterated choices. Choose from any shelf, no matter how high it goes. this includes even the Gold Rush Nugs and Ambrosia.

We are aware of how shady some deliveries are. So we want to cut through the BULL! let you see what we really truly have. Several new Patients have actually called and asked was this a typo?! Not even!

As a first time patient or FTP we want you to see and experience as well as sample and find out for yourself what we really have. Which is an amazing variety of top notch quality flowers no matter what shelf they come from. We don’t carry crappy Bud, Cannabis, weed, or good ole marijuana! Whatever term or phrase you prefer to call it, we’ve got it!

From top to bottom we carry quality strains that is right for your budget. for all San Diego Medical Marijuana FTP. This is a crazy deal for us and incredible first time patient / FTP deal for you!

Again Pick 5 different Strains 2 Grams per strain from any shelf! Yes! That’s right! ANY SHELF! No limitations, No gimmicks, no back door shady deals! No Bait and switch!

Yes this First time patient deal also includes all Connoisseurs Corner and Exclusive Exotics! as well as infused flowers AMBROSIA and Gold Rush Nugs our highly regarded co2 infused flower that puts Moonrocks to shame!! All of these are our own Select Premium or Specialized In House limited, or our real Private Reserve Strains. When we say any shelf! we mean ANY!

What we say we have, is what we really have. We know how difficult it can be, finding a good delivery. Have you ever called and been told ” Just sold out! ” or why does everything look and smell the same?? Yeah! we’ve heard and seen them all. ( Unless Ray Ray was playing games and switched the jars (Just kidding!!) you’ll get what you asked for!! ) Take advantage of a ridiculous offer, its ok, we know you’ll come back, thats how confident we are once you see what we really have, you’ll want to be a member for good! This is the best

First Time Patient Deal around! This also has our competitors cringing! Because, even they know, what a GREAT DEAL IS!  When They See It!

Free Extra FTP Gifts

When you become a FTP with Purple Dragon then you also receive special extra free gifts: $50=Pre-Roll or $75=MiniDare or $100=1 Gram Ambrosia

Enjoy Mr DEE;)

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