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Pay No Taxes – Best FTP Deal in San Diego County

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Best FTP Deal – $99=10 Grams Pick 5 strains 2 Grams apiece any Shelf!!

This deal includes Jungle Boys, AMBROSIA, Gold Rush Nugs and Akashic.

Everyone knows this is the best First Time Patient Deal you will ever find in San Diego, that`s why first time patients flock to San Diego`s premier medical collective, San Diego Medical Cannabis Delivery.

Because we are a purely medical collective, by the way you will not pay taxes. You can either shop around around recreational dispensaries and find a more expensive product, or you can become a FTP and never be worried again

As a first time patient we want you to see, experience and sample what we really have, because we are an ethical medical collective which means we only carry the best medical cannabis, edibles, cbd and vapes.

From top to bottom we carry quality strains that are right for your budget and when you begin to realize just how high grade our medical cannabis products are, you`ll be glad you bought them.

Pick 5 different Strains 2 Grams per strain from any shelf for only $99.00! No limitations, no gimmicks, no bait and switch! In fact, some of our newest patients have already told me how much better their lives are.

This FTP deal also includes all Connoisseurs Corner, (including Jungle Boys), exclusive Exotics as well as infused flowers AMBROSIA and Gold Rush Nugs, plus our highly regarded co2 infused flower, Akashic, which puts Moonrocks to shame!!

In fact, experts who study medical cannabis realize Jungle Boys flower is the best.

Obviously, when new first time patients stop and realize just what an amazing deal this is, they usually call 760-636-8366 right away.

Free Extra FTP Gifts

When you become a FTP with Purple Dragon then you also receive special extra free gifts: $50=Pre-Roll or $75=MiniDare or $100=1 Gram Ambrosia

Enjoy Mr DEE;)

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