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EXXTASY OG: Grower Radcliffe: Indoor Indica Dominant Hybrid: Great for Pain Deep body relaxation: Appetite Stimulation and Sleep

Exxtasy Og is a beautiful  Fresh n Frosty outstanding Topshelf indoor Lava. This is one of those scaling the mountain with Gandhi in your backpack type of smokes. Exxtasy OG brings an amazing, uplifting, upbeat, happy, smiling, energetic, and an inspirational creative influencer! A wonderful head and body combination! Did I forget anything?? Man! Could this be the REAL Holy Grail of the cannabis world???!!! Just might be??!!!!  And we are the first to have any of this anywhere on the block! Whaaaat??!!! Hold on Young and old alike take a breath! Yes no joke! This is a ridiculous someday soon to be cup winner from the amazing grower known as Radcliffe! Right now this dude is simply smashing it!

You will Totally enjoy a High Quality, Ultra Smooth, Excellent ( Breath Taking) I swear that is a complement from a Highly regarded Patient of ours who texted me back while partaking of this lovely herb!!! Yeees!! this is a Loving Punch in the face that will leave you smiling with a contented euphoric glow of well being. This can double as an air freshener as it leaves an amazing smell in the room like a potpourri incense! No shit, I’m not kidding! So hang on and sit back and get ready to enjoy a terrific NEW STRAIN! Only Here first at Purple Dragon! Lovingly Enjoy MR DEE;)

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