Veterans/Disabled/Birthdays 10% Discount

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Free Medical Cannabis Guide (PDF 2263kB)

If you didnt already know, we offer discounts for Veterans/Disabled and birthdays celebrating their Birthday. If you are one of these, we would like to honor your sacrifice, or recognize your struggle and or celebrate your special day! By either, giving you a 10% discount off a purchase that you make! limitation as follows! A discount would apply only to any regular purchased item, that is not already discounted, such as a regularly priced item such as an 1/8 or an ounce. Discounted items and sales/deals cannot be applicable for any discounts.
However, a FREE gram, or one of our bomb pre rolls would still be in order as a FREE gift, as a way to still honor or celebrate you, or your special day. If you are a one who qualifies for 2 or more of these?! Then we offer another gift such as another FREE gram or Pre-Roll. So Enjoy our quality products, in any way you can. As always Enjoy! Mr DEE 🙂

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