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GREEN GORILLA: Sativa Dominant: Euphoric incredibly uplifting ,and energizing Breeder NINJA:

This super upbeat Beauty will have you wanting to clean the house! Screw the house! You’ll want to clean an entire apartment complex center??!!

Green Gorilla is a perfect daytime functional that also provides pain relief!

A cross of Green Crack and Super Glue this gorgeous Lady get an A+ and a 10/10 Stars of unique Fire! You will find yourself smiling so much your friends will either hate you or join you! So not kidding on the whole euphoric thing. You can smell the Green sweet and fruity along with a whiff of haze in there. Green Gorilla provide a most excellent balance of upbeat focused energy and ample pain relief without even coming close to ever knocking you out! Please Enjoy another quality smoke! Mr DEE;)

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