GORILLA GLUE #4 (Excellent indoor)

Nausea > Pain
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Gorilla Glue #4: heavy Indoor Indica Dominant Hybrid: Great for Pain and deep body relaxation:

Let me tell you this Gorilla Glue #4 is a one hit quitter! It would be foolish to try to smoke more! Unless of course you are a glutton for punishment?! Seriously though, this is not for beginners. Think your up for the challenge? By all means go for it! Just know you’ve been WARNED! Seasoned veterans buckle up!

Unlike other Gorilla Glues which are Sativa Dominant. Gorilla Glue #4 is a very powerful, sedative body high!

Got pain? Not when your smoking this puppy! Sleep issues? Yeah try and run a lap around your living room after puffing on this Wicked Lady!  She smokes clean and smooth yet is a choker smoker from the very first hit and she will punish you! You like that?! You want more don’t you? Who’s your sweet little Face Punching Cannabis now Huh?? LMAO!!! This Girl Is the dominatrix of the cannabis world! Wearing Black Boots and chains she will spank you good!

This was grown to perfection. I take my time when looking for glues, because the market has been flooded with a lot of lower level crap! This one stands above the rest! Get prepared for a serious case of the munchies. This is a 11/10 stars of Enjoyment! A 100% Winner!!! Mr DEE;)

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