Emerald Star (7-Pack) ( Cannabis Seeds)

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Emerald Star: Cannabis Seeds: Breeders Ninja and ZenTwist: Green Crack cross:

Emerald Star is a relative cross descended from Green Crack ( Hated the name! ) Why ever associate a name with something like that too cute and for me a turn off! It actually does a disservice to what is a very Upbeat, energizing glorious smelling Sativa. Quite honestly my belief is that is why this species fizzled out so quickly. Snoop Dawg himself has his own version he calls Green Dream. If he gets it so should have the original people who created it! Having said that it was a great day time functional and pain relief type of medication as well as like drinking several cups of double shots of espresso!  It definitely can be an intense smoke truly not for everyone. Yet if one is looking for a wake and bake this would be your girl to grow!

Lineage: Orange Bud x Mexi Sativa = Scarlett Sotiva x Afghani male = Scarlett Kush x Green Crack = Emerald Star

So the genetics are super cool! Scarlett Kush was an  original Zentwist strain derived from a Cross of an Original Afghani Male and an Scarlett Sotiva not a misprint. Zen had an affinity for Gone With the Wind. Anyway that produced Scarlett Kush that was later crossed with Green Crack! This plant is in test stage now and everything is looking good. Emerald Star is a much more pleasant name to a plant  that deserves recognition for her attributes in the cannabis strain community Emerald Star.is a well balanced flower retaining and amplifying the best qualities of both strains

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