Emerald Cookies

Pain > Migraines
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Emerald Cookies: Indoor Sativa Dominant Hybrid: Upbeat focused, energizing:

Here’s a real unique strain! Not even sure we will ever get it again. Emerald Cookies is an Excellent Indoor cross of Green Crack and Girl Scout Cookies! This Girl retains the high energy of her cousin Green Crack ( Hate the name by the way and I truly believe that was the downfall of what was a very upbeat and creative and motivating strain as well as a daytime functional strain for people who had. of course this is my personal opinion. To associate anything with such a dreadful insidious drug, was truly a disservice to a really incredible medication that actually has some great benefits for chronic pain yet provided a superior upbeat mood!  I am not alone on this stance. Even Snoop Dogg changed his cross to Green Dream.

Emerald Cookies retains the most dominant traits of both parents:

It is interesting how the Emerald Cookies is an almost perfect blend of 2 really excellent Strains! The Smell and Visual looks as well as density of the flower are unmistakably GSC. While long range energy and focus with a invigorating mental buzz!  While Green Crack’s limey green can not be missed. Structure of Gsc is dominant while increasing the pain relief. If you like trying new variations this is really cool one to try!! As always Enjoy! Mr DEE;)



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