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What is a Double Dare?!

There are Pre-rolls, and then there are Pre-rolls! Honestly some Pre-rolls were just not created as equal! There could be many reasons why let’s just say Double Dare wanted to better. The Dare family has bragging rights over many other’s. Why? Because their pre-rolls are several steps ahead! Their design was to give the patient something more than just some spoofed up yet underachieving Pre-Roll!

What is in a Double Dare:

Double dares are made from a variety of hand ground top quality bud from desirable strain. Which includes indoor, greenhouse and outdoor. We do not discriminate against quality, it doesn’t matter where the bud comes from as long as it is perfection at its finest! That is then carefully hand packed with ans an undisclosed number of co2 oil drops or wax loads added and voila! A lovely Double Dare pre-roll cone. Ready to take you to lovely tears of joy. Oh such a beautiful thing!

Although Triple Dare’s were the first of the Dare family to be invented, Double Dare’s soon followed. These should all be smoked with a healthy caution and respect. Especially if it is just one individual partaking. Please tread lightly till you know where you stand!

What is not in a Double Dare:

This is not some old water leaf garbage, or crappy year or two old leaf, swept off the floor shake ( Swear to Almighty, I wish that wasn’t even true!)  What is going into some of these pre-rolls here?? (Yes I said Floor shake!) Turns out some of these places buy the scrap trimmings that fall on the floor!  (Disgusting! I Know!)

Let us all use our imagination shall we?! Hmmm! Walking, spitting, nose picking, hair and head scratching! Oh hey the puppy just went pee under the table! Okay Okay enough right? to think all that stuff is swept up and sold for dirt cheap! Hah! Dirt cheap! Get it? That’s what is going into some of these crappy pre-rolls from some of these places! Most recently we discovered from TOBACCO!!! Whaaaat??!!

Medical Marijuana Benefits of Double Dare:

Well we pretty much can assure you, that pain you will not feel, and sleep will surely follow if you smoke too much in one sitting. At the very least one could feel a slight bit of disorientation. Yet if chillin is your version of relaxation? Then you are on the right path with a Double Dare. One can expect a real hit to both body and head. We prefer to call this series multi medicaters! meaning for multiple sessions or group medicating over a period of time!

Warning side notes:

Occasionally some macho guy wants to try to prove how tough he is! One certain individual who will go unnamed, thought he was tough enough to handle it all in one sitting. Now you decide! Technically he did finish it within a 15 minute span. So good for him, or so it sounds! The 2nd part of this story is… It also finished him, he had to be carried from the room because he no longer could walk under his own power. I guess one could call it a draw?! Lmao!

Honestly?! There is absolutely, no sane reason to try and finish one by yourself! In the end that would just simply be such a complete waste of a wonderful medication.
Enjoy!! I double Dare yah! Mr DEE:)

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