Dos Si Dos -Dessert Boutique-

Nausea > Pain
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Dos Si Do: Tasty Indoor Indica Dominant: Great  for Chronic Pain, stress, smooth body relaxation without knocking one out!:

Do-Si-Do is a wonderful Indica Dominant strain: She is a cross of the infamous Face Off Og and Girl Scout Cookies. An Awesome dessert boutique flower just smashes all 4 points of ratings with ridiculous ease! From Looks and Smell, to Delicious body buzzing Potency! Dos Si Dos is a reigning Queen!

This girl will be in high demand for years to come!

Her excellent quality will be sought after long after other strains have died out!  Her overall contribution to a variety of ailmenta is imppresive. From Chronic Pain to ADHD to Paranoia, Paraplegia, Parkinson’s Disease and way more than that. In Fact I have never even seen such an extensive list that this Bad Bitch carries! Sorry if you are offended it is meant in the utmost respect to this serious ass kicker! She truly brings it and you will love her for it!! My Suggestion is she is not for beginners strain. As usul Please Enjoy a Delightful Dessert Boutique Strain Do Si Dos! Mr DEE;)


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