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Devine’s Blue Dream: Classification; Medical Sativa High in both Cbd’s and Thc levels:

DEVINE’S BLUE DREAM is an excellent, well grown and cured organic soil greenhouse! Her smell and taste is a 8.5  This is going to be Some of the best Blue Dream you’ve ever smoked! Why might you ask? Because this was grown by Lady Devine! WOMEN REALLY DO GROW SOME OF THE BEST BUD AROUND.) There is more to her story, Like traveling to the Himalayas studying the cannabis plant. Let’s just say that she is one of the more amazing growers.

Great daytime functional smoke: provides upbeat energy while providing excellent pain relief: Is also good for Migraines and an anti anxiety reliever:

Devine’s Blue Dream is flat out a wonderfully balanced smoke that is motivating, energetic, and helps one to focus Oh! Did I say Motivating??!! Yeeesss!! Motivating for sure. This was also loved from beginning to end. ( So if you have never tried Bud that has been seriously loved, then you need to see, smell, taste and really experience the difference. This will be a treat you won’t soon forget. Thanks to Lady Devine for her excellence in providing a Top notch product! So, for reals Enjoy! Absolutely! Mr DEE 😉

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