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Blueberry Muffins is one of those delicious strains that comes around that just knocks one off their feet! For 2 reasons one the flavor and fragrance is to die for! Then potency just flat out whips your ass! How could something so beautiful smelling destroy ones sensability?? LMAO! Seriously though this is a waffle iron to the face and body! One very picky yet very loyal Patient texted me back ” Insane to the menbrane ” Then slighty afterward replied with forgot to cook half of his meal he was so medicated!

Blueberry Muffins is a Top of the line Dessert Boutique Shelf! That will have your mouth watering and eyes glazed over from perfection. A+ all around Hits all 4 categories with a torpedo. From Fragrance, Delicious taste Looks stupendous to overall bamm to the potency this girl packs. Enjoy a superbly grown strain by Ninja himself today!! Mr DEE;)

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