DabWax Cowboy Xtracts ( Co2 Extraction )

dab; wax; co2, sap
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DabWax: Originator: Cowboy Xtracts, made a very easy thick and pasty decarboxylated Co2 Sap Dab Wax! It can be smoked toked or eaten. It can be used as an enhancement on a joint or in a bowl, or dab with on a nail. It works many ways! This was lab tested at 77% Thc! This is a very potent, thick pasty and easy to apply! This really is some of the smoothest Wax You’ve ever smoked! Co2 DeCarboxylated Wax is Safer/Easier to use! ( Decarboxylation is a process using heat at 180 degrees which converts THC A into THC 1 which makes it more potent, as well as the CBNs and CBDs  more readily available for ingestion, at the same time increasing the overall potency of the product. ) Although we don’t suggest the edible part, we did try it and it really does work in a pinch!Try not to have too many pinches and just don’t expect the taste to be the next thing since berry pie.  One can add the Co2 DabWax to a hot beverage, as one Patient suggests she just loves to put it in her tea. Says it is awesome that way. Or put it in something like a sauce that can help disguise the taste. Since it is decarboxylated all of the active and potent ingredients of Thc 1 Cbd and Cbn are easily absorbed within the stomach. In any case to each their own! You’ve been warned. Please Enjoy! Mr DEE 🙂

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