DR WHO (Premium Select)

Sativa Dominant Hybrid > Focused/Alert/Energy
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DR WHO: Sativa Dominant Hybrid: Indoor Fire: Day Time functional Sativa Hybrid:

   Dr Who is excellent for dealing with (Chronic Pain!) and provides strong pain relief. She is also one of the more intriguing strains has many great properties, for someone who has more severe pain issues! Dr Who is a 60/40 Sativa dominant Hybrid.  She provides a vast amount of relief for many different ailments like chronic aches and pains, as well as nausea, and Migraines. She provides energy along with a focused and alert presence! 

Well balanced in both Thc and Cbd’s:

These are typically the type of Sativa’s I look for and carry for purple Dragon since the demand has grown since people are learning more about just what they are really looking for! Dr Who is well balanced in both worlds of good amounts of  (CBD/THC  I like to call this type Medicinal Daytime Functional! So this is perfect if looking for something that isn’t just going to knock you out!  Enjoy Mr DEE;)

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