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Crown Jewels Lineage is cross of Purple Kush and several other undisclosed strains. She is great for pain, Nausea, appetite stimulation, can be used for day or night: The Story on this one is simple. ZenTwist Sought to improve upon an already wonderful strain! Purple Kush! She herself is excellent for treating a variety of ailments from pain, anxiety, Nausea, to name a few. Biggest problem being she is a very finicky plant, and just not a very big producer not a big producer. From an indoor perspective a real hair puller! Powder Mildew can be a serious issue her genetics are not favorable to humid conditions.

Good for pain and relaxation with a pleasant euphoric feeling. Can be used as a day or night time medication.

So Zen set out to enhance her characteristics without losing her overall potency.  He did say that he used a certain sativa that help her growth margins yet didn’t take away from her indica punch. This is a stoney smoke yet not knock you out necessarily. Which follows the Purple Kush heritage. Crown Jewels is an overall great smoke. You will enjoy a very tasty indica dominant that has some excellent purple background history. You will smell that kushy purple fragrance right away! Mr DEE;)

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