Cowboy Xtracts Co2 shatter

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Cowboy Xtracts Co2 shatter is extracted using either Co2, Oxygen, or Nitrogen for all of their extraction oils and waxes.
Cowboy Xtracts Co2 shatter is a perfect example of a company using safer and cleaner methods to provide healthier products for the dabbing connoisseur!
Shatter in itself is one of the most potent forms of concentrates as well as cleaner from just the methods used in making it. Cowboy Xtracts was at the top of the wax mountain before family squabbles ended what was a high profile high-end product.
From flavor to potency their shatter was really some of the best around and you have the privilege of trying the last of their brand in a variety of flavor, just see for yourself why they were one of the best.
There are no residual compounds found in this medicinal grade product.
While so many other wax companies use low grade solvents or other impure derivatives such as butane or hexane! Cowboy uses none of these!
Their extraction process was done always keeping in mind the patient comes first. It should always be about providing a cleaner, healthier, safer product without losing the quality and “ZERO” risk! For you. The consumer/patient should always come first. As always Enjoy! Mr DEE 🙂

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