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Cowboy Xtracts, thick and easy to apply Sap to a joint or easily apply like Dabbing. Lab tested at 77% Thc! This is some very potent thick pasty Co2 wax from Cowboy Extracts. This will be some of the smoothest Wax You’ve ever smoked, It is Co2 DeCarboxylated Wax Safer/Easier to use! (( Decarboxylation is a process using heat at 180 degrees which converts THC A into THC 1 which makes it, as well assome CBN’S and CBD’s’ more available for ingestion and increasing the overall potency of product as well )) You can Dab/Vape/Smoke, although it is edible it is tough for most to consume by itself. Has a very strong taste works well if maked with other foods. Although we have one Patient who loves to put it in their tea! or Hot beverages says it is awesome that way. So to each their own! you’ve been warned. So Enjoy! Mr DEE:)

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