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CLASSIC OG NUGS: Indica Dominant Greenhouse: Great  for Chronic Pain, stress, deep body relaxation while providing stimulating euphoric cerebral energy:

Classic OG Nugs is exactly that Classic. Known also as OG KUSH, she  has been around for quite some time. Starting in the  mid 90’s and quickly became one of the top strains on the west coast! From her glorious and delightful piney, earthy fragrance, and taste, she is the perfect medium for someone searching for deep and soothing pain relief and relaxation of both mind and body. Many people both young and old seek this particular strain for her variety of medicinal contributions. Such as chronic pain, muscle spasms, migraines, bipolar disorders, anxiety, depression, vomiting, stomach issues to name a few!.

Classic Og is 100% Indica: T.h.c . content ranges from 19% – 28%: Genetics Unknown:

Classic Og is still one of the most sought after medications to this very day. Which is why there are so many  different OG strains. over time this strain has become one if not the most consistent reliable strains/meds available.

This one is a very nice greenhouse, that has the classic dark green color, along with the sticky icky trichomes, and the nugs are of a very decent size. Class Og Nugs Can be used both day or night, yet not suggested for operating any sort of driving or complex machinery. As usual please enjoy a quality product! Mr DEE;)

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