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Classic Og: Indica dominant: Great for Pain appetite, and deep relaxation: Suggested Night time Use:

This is a really nice Top Shelf and very stoney 9.9 in Both flavor, Beauty, and Fragrance. Classic Og is a phenotype of Og Kush. Stories abound on this lovely ladies creation and some of them are pretty cool! Regardless of origin. This has been a classic strain that has been well sought after and loved for many years! Best part is the health benefits.

Classic OG treats a variety of ailments. Like chronic migraines, bipolar disorders, anxiety, depression, nausea, stomach issues:

This alone may explain why she is so popular! Another great night time strain that brings excellent pain relief! Many Og Strains are also really good for nausea, and migraines. This girl has that classic piney lemon fragrance. With a sticky Icky to boot in resin production! Please Enjoy this multi faceted Flower! Mr DEE;)

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