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Cherry Woo: Indoor: Sativa Dominant Hybrid: Providing relief of Pain and Nausea: Uplifting and alert Focus:

Cherry Woo is a direct cross of Cherry Og, and yes you guessed it Dr Who! A delightful light hearted and enjoyable sativa that doesn’t over power ones head sensabilities! Cherry Woo brings a nice balance of head and body. Simply put nothing super crazy.This calms anxiety while providing ample day time functional pain relief while allowing one to focus! Even enhance creativity! If you are curious about trying a good Sativa this is a really good one to try!

Sativas have a Bad Rap:

Sativas have gotten a bad rap in the they create paranoia. Yet fact of the matter is, that would be the more pure 100% Sativas than hybrids since pure Sativas tend to be deficient of any CBD’S or having very little. Since Cbd’s are nessessary and interact with Thc including smoothing out the overall effects. Thc along with Cbd’s can actually be beneficial as an anti-anxiety medicine. Enjoy a really nice Strain! Mr DEE;)

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