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Pain > Anxiety
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CHERRY OG: Indoor: 50/50 Heavy indica Domant Hybrid: Good for pain

Cherry Og may have OG attached to the end of her name! There is an incredible sativa influence here! This is an interesting cross of Cherry Tai and Lost Coast OG ( Which in itself is a 3 way cross consisting of  offspring from Pakistani Kush x Lemon Tai then crossed with Chem dawg #4 this made a very potent pain relieving Strain ) then all of that was back crossed with a Cherry Tai to increase the sativa influences.

This Bud literally smells like Cherries and Diesel Fuel under tones! And Potent as hell? This baby is packing the serious Iron pan to the face while you sit back and ask for more! Cherry Og has an intense and uplifting euphoric energy. This all eventually eazes one into gridlock on the couch or ni nitewith your favorite pillow! Although a 50/50 this is in no way a day time smoke! Great for relaxtion and appetite as well as chronic pain issues! Cherry og is a superb strain for an experienced smoker not recommended for beginners! Enjoy! Mr DEE;)

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