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Cherry AK-47 is a hybrid taking an Old School and once extremely popular Sativa in Ak-47 and crossing it with Cherry Pie a serious Indica Dominant. If what they were trying to accomplish was a more upbeat day time functional that could be useful for someone who had pain and still wanted to be of use to themselves?! I would say this strain has exactly that, it is a very nice and balanced medication that deals with both of those important needs. Visually this a really nice dense bud that seems to split the 2 strains right down the middle with a cherry fruity Ak-47 slight chemical smell all mixed up with itself when it comes to smell. Nothing crazy, and one will find they can focus on the task at hand in a relaxed pain free body with Cherry AK-47. Enjoy a really nice smoke provided by CCD for Purple Dragon. Mr DEE 😉

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