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ChemDawg #4: Premium Select Top shelf: Organic Soil grown: New Age Depro/Greenhouse:

Chem Dawg #4 is unmatched by any of the other Chemdawg strains! She is a pure indica dominant different than her other sister strains which are more Sativa Dominant. This Girl just wants to slap you in the face for no good reason! Ahh but there is method to her madness! Do you love Og’s? Even seasoned veterans will have to face the Face Punching fury of this Naughty Lady! ((Meaning You Too!!!)) Although she starts off with a cerebral flight similar to a sativa

Heavy indica Dominant: Great for Pain, Relaxation, Appetite, Sleep:

This quickly unfolds into taking the heartiest of smokers into a deadlock appointment with a favorite chair or couch! This is a new Age Greenhouse technique Soil Grown and 100% Organic! Can’t believe the pictures I just took. This stuff is amazing looking and tasting and smoking!Where most places! would lie and tell you indoor! We are not bashful and quite honestly believe Greenhouse to be superior! I mean seriously You just can’t replace the most important thing which is sunlight!! I you want to know what superior New Age Greenhouse Lava is! Then look no further than Purple Dragon Enjoy! DEE;)

Purple Dragon Deal: