CBD oil ( WONDER Drops ) .5 fluid ounces of liquid 350mg of total cannabinoids

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Well I once again have been searching for a high quality CBD Product and this is one. I am very happy to offer Peaks CBD oil. Their refining process is unique to most others, and thats not some fancy line! From their vape oils to their CBD oil, they have a non destructive process, preserving the integrity of all of the important components in all their oils, destroying absolutely nothing. This has 350 mg of cannabis CBD and 14 mg of thc which is important, since without Thc the CBD’s would be inactive an not very efficient. They actually work in cohesion together fighting of cancer cells and helping with many things such as focus ( Great for ADHD and ADD ) As well as a wonderful alternative for chronic pain, anxiety, depression, appetite stimulant, without the high ” Stoney or high part ” of it! So if you are tired of opiates and feeling catatonic,you will really love the relief this can bring. Mr DEE 🙂

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