Wonder Drops 25.1

Nausea > Pain
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Wonder Drops CBD tincture Oil: 25.1 Ratio: Ratio 350mg CBD – 14mg THC: Great for Chronic Pain: Anti Anxiety, Relaxation:

Wonder Drops CBD oil is simply one of the best that I have found! I always look for quality products! This hands down is one of the best for clean and pure unadulterated and pesticide free. I personally started with this one on my mother suffering from Pancreatic Cancer. Initially this one was used first as we gradually increased her dosage of extracts also from Wonder  that were way stronger in strength!

This one is Really good for anyone who doesn’t want to feel a ” High experience” Yet has some sort of chronic pain issue that needs attention! With my Mother this allowed her to have quality time with family and friends during the day really helped her be pain free she had way more appetite and in general was way more active as opposed to. As she said” Cataonic!!” When she was on opiods!

Excellent for focus and Day or night time needs!   ( Great for ADHD and ADD )

Wonder tests their flower before even starting to make their oils. Can’t say enough of the relief it gave her and us. This oilWonder Drops CBD is made with extra Virgin organic Olive oil. Their refining process is unique to most others, and thats not some fancy line! So if you are tired of opiates and harder drugs that leave you feeling frustrated you will really love the relief Wonder Drops 25/1 can bring!  Please Enjoy a wonderful product. Mr DEE 🙂

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