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It is planting time and we’ve got the best cannabis seeds money can buy! Right here at PURPLE DRAGON. This is a locally cultivated Cannabis seed that is CLIMATIZED to local weather conditions. As you well know we experience some drastic conditions at times. ( Fog can be our enemy!)

Environmentally acclimated to Southern California and San Diego conditions:

Having seeds grown locally is the solution to the new and growing cannabis culture. As opposed to buying seeds from somewhere like Denmark, Amsterdam or Europe in general. Come on you do know what I mean?! Seeds from other countries and states you never know what your getting some of that seed stock is 10 years older or more.

Then there is the dealing with the problems of powdery mildew which for certain kush strains is a horrible problem. Over many years of cultivating these seeds in the San Diego region. the seeds have coalesced through their constant upbringing and are now acclimated to the San Diego environment and own genetic immunities to these problems because they are exposed and are adapting to San Diego’s climate.

FACT! Only the best Cannabis Seeds in stock that do well in Southern and Coastal California conditions:

The very first thing you will find with ZenTwist cannabis seeds is sprouting rates are in the 80 to 90% range. I will tell you a story where I bought some seeds from a company that was from Canada. ( I won’t mention their name ) They were selling at a cannabis show in vegas. They talked and bragged about the high quality of their seeds. I was snookered by their fancy talk and rhetoric, they sounded soooo professional! Why not right?! Well I was right super pissed when I finally sprouted their cannabis seed.

In total I had purchased five different packets of 5 seeds each. I am very good at sprouting seeds. Out of the 20 seeds purchased many of them never even germinated.  I wound up with 2 potential plants the rest that did sprout were terribly deformed. Not worthy of even trying to nurse them to health. What a rip off!

With Zentwist’s seeds, they are careful to take their time and know what they have. All of their seed stock is tested first to insure quality strain control and seed viability.

Zentwist Doesn’t release seeds till they have been grown to their complete fruition.

The strains that Zentwist carries are F#1 crosses that makes them excellent and reliable phenotypes. You will notice some subtle differences yet consistency will be your friend. In general F1’s carry the most dominant traits of both the male and female. Which by the way Zentwist is not very keen on feminized seeds. He believe in the good ole fashioned way. Boy meets Girl, Girl like boy, Boy and Girl have a wild party and make lots of babies!

Get you grow on! Mr DEE:)

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