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Candyland: Sativa Dominant: Organic Depro greenhouse: Daytime functional: Excellent pain medicating properties:

Candland is a 3 way cross of Granddaddy Purple, Platinum Cookies and a little known Sativa called Bay-11. Sounds like a Sci Fi movie. I mean what was in Bay 11 right?? Well the influence of that sativa combined with the other 2 made quite the baby! Both Grand Daddy and Platinum Cookies are well known for their provision of chronic pain relief. as well as helping with ones spirits.

Candyland was a 2012 KushCon Gold Medalist!

Medals aren’t everything but I will tell you this s a delight to smoke and smell and taste. A super fruity sweet candy smell makes your mouth water with anticipation. You won’t confuse this with the crosses in her as she really is a focused, upbeat and stimulating smoke compared to the slightly more sedating purple and cookie might be by themselves. Looking for a great day time this will more than do you right! Enjoy a well done Depro! As always! Enjoy! Mr DEE 😉

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