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CC stands for Connoisseurs Corner! Candy Mann would definitely fall under this category for its potent pain relief and tasty attributes. Candy Mann is the latest of our new in-house releases! It is a culmination of many years of combined breeding using several awesome genetic strains. Ninja who is just one of several prolific growers we use, has developed several of our in-house varieties already. Such as; Silver Animal Cookies, Purple Ninja, Buddha Smiles, Silver Og, Cherry Pop Og, and Lady “O”. Purple Dragon now proudly presents Candy Mann! Ninja’s ” Face Puncher” as we like to say.

Ninja for the past several years has been obsessed with Ogs. He was wanting to get more oomph, to the body high experience. Candy Mann gives a person just that. Although it smells like candy, there is this very distinct Og under current. Which could give one the illusion, that nothing this lovely sweet smelling could be that rude! Lol! Wrooong! I would like to say as strictly informational! Complex smells usually help to identify stronger or unique strains. Some would like to argue with me, yet honestly we are all entitled to an opinion. So it is my opinion and personal experience that this remains a truism for me! Hah! Try to argue that point! As for Candy Mann you can really smell the complexity, which in the cannabis world is a wonderful thing.
Candy Mann is definitely a heavier smoke and in general is meant for the evening part of the day. It brings a really good body relaxation and mind chill as well as the good ole munchies attack and is rocking for a good night’s sleep. As always Enjoy! And be pain free. Mr DEE;)

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