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Boomba / Trainwreck cross: Sativa Dominant hybrid cross: medical classification daytime functional: Upbeat, euphoric, energizing:


Boomba: Outstanding Organic Soil Grown Greenhouse: Sativa Dominant: Almost sounds Italian Hey yah Boomba!! Lmao! Ok really I get it! Boom like blow your mind with a bit of inflection at the end of it.Seriously though, this is an superb Sativa. Old School in the Train Wreck Fragrance one of my first loved Fragrances. Not as pungent Lemon Piney as say Jack Herer! But more subtle yet delicious smelling. Hard dense nice sized buds with a really well done cure. This is a superbly grown so much so the smoke is smooth and clean. Energizing and thinking day time functional flower! If you like Sativas this will be one of your favorite your cup of Tea’s! Grown With lots of love and natural nutrients! Yeah I know the Guy! What’s new? That’s what I do! So Enjoy a quality smooth and very potent Smoke! Mr DEE;)

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