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Blue Cheese: Indica Dominant Hybrid: Great for PTSD, ADHD, Migraines, Anxiety, Pain, Insomnia and Bipolar Disorder:

Blue Cheese is a cross of the famous DJ Shorts Blueberry an excellent old school heavy Indica Dominant that provides excellent pain relief and relaxation and another very famous old school strain from England called UK Cheese! Which miraculously made its way to the good ole USA! Hmmm how did that happen? Well anyway this is a really lovely strain from the Santa Cruz Connection! A group of excellent growers and oh yes they are from Santa Cruz Go figure right? This Blue Cheese Literally has a taste of Blue Cheese and Blueberries, and yeah that certainly may not be the most sensually pleasing taste for some. I can guarantee for others it is heaven. A delicious palate friendly Connoisseur Strain! There are plenty of Cheese lovers out there, and they will absolutely love this one.

Blue Cheese strains are a mellow and smooth smoke for the connoisseur:

Cheese Strains as a whole are actually some of the most medically beneficial strains around! Just look at that list! She is really diverse in her attributes! Get curious and try a well grown strain. Enjoy! Mr DEE;)

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