PURPLE PUNCH The Best Jungle Boy TOP Shelf at Insane 1oz Prices

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Tired of standing in line to receive overpriced junk from walk ins? A lot of people like you are. Read on and call us now to get this amazing exclusive flower. Well here is the secret to buying a top shelf Jungle Boy OZ at insanely low prices that walk ins don`t want you to know about. Purple Punch: 80% Indica Dominant: Breeder “The Village”

This is a Jungle Boys Cut: Lineage cross of Grand Daddy Purple and Larry OG: Great for deep body and euphoric mind relaxation as well as sleep and Nausea. Definitely a face and body Puncher.

This is Jungle Boyzz quality in every perception of the word. From her incredible Looks to her amazing smell of punch fruitiness, to her fabulous taste of a mixture of Strawberry Soda, jolly rancher grape candy and blueberry pie! moving to her explosive potency. This Lady goes to 11!! ( Only Ladies go to 11!!) Honestly never seen so much frost on a bud. As well as it has so much crystal she looks white until you put her under a camera or microscope. Seriously incredible!

All the way around she is one gorgeous Bud! And one delicious smoke! Considered as a dessert category! We are very proud to present Purple Punch! Wanna know what extreme level flower is all about?

Then start here! Enjoy an incredible flower! Mr DEE;) It is was our recent surge in customers that convinced us to temporarily lower our prices. Call (619) 635-1729 right now because at these prices, this amazing Jungle Boy flower is going to fly off the top shelf. Only $397 an OZ – $197 FOR 1/2 OZ.

Call now because this is flying off the top shelf due to massive demand..!!!!!!!


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