Asian Blueberry

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What is Asian Blueberry?!

Knowing the exact cross of Asian Blueberry is a mystery! Understandable of course, not everyone wants to tell their deep dark dirty little secrets. Yet I can say, ” this is a very potent strain that can put one down quickly!”

Cool enough Asian Blueberry is grown by a woman, and it wouldn’t be the first time I have said  ” Woman grow some of the best weed around! ” It must be that nurturing vibe.

Medical Marijuana Benefits of

Asian Blueberry:

Asian Blueberry has great properties for a full body relaxation and does well in aiding in physical pain. She has a decent balanced head to her and although some find her easy to sleep with, others have said too thought provoking for a sleep time medication. Does well with appetite stimulation.

Medication starts out with a serious head that eventually smooths out into a nice body warmth. So Asian Blueberry is not for everyone. This bud has a wonderful berrish smell and is a dense bud with sugar coated triches. I would say this was probably picked a little earlier which is what gives it her a bit of that raciness in the beginning. You can see clear and milky white trichomes along with is a clear sign of finishing early.  Nonetheless thats what gives her this excellent upbeat and awake energy in the beginning. Enjoy a very nice smoke for a great price. Mr Dee;)!

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