Mini Amnesia Cone

Free Medical Cannabis Guide (PDF 2263kB)

The Amnesia Cone provides a superior mellow smoke that is not lacking when it comes to flavor better than that the Amnesia Cone provides a strong medication for pain, relaxation and sleep! The Amnesia Cone another feather in the cap of the Dare family, which is another series of Top Grade pre-rolls carried here at Purple Dragon. The Amnesia Cone is made by using the smallest crumble pieces from another popular Purple Dragon patient favorite Ambrosia! Ambrosia is an extremely potent Co2 oil infused bud. This bud goes through a decarboxylation process converting ThcA into Thc1. This process increases the overall strength and potency of the actual bud while making more accessible in both Cbn’s and Cbd’s, which both are important in dealing with pain. The Ambrosia crumble is then mixed with a variety of high quality cannabis strains then finally rolled in a cone ready for you!

Amnesia cones are perfect for end of the day relaxation. They are known for their well balanced head and body high that melts away aches and pains. Ambrosia is also known to be helpful with Migraines! This one cone can provide enough relief over multiple times of medicating throughout the day.

It is strongly suggested that while partaking of an Amnesia Cone one should not be handling heavy mechanical apparatuses, or doing things like driving or riding a horse or a bike. This is really intended for night time chill around the house. So kick back and enjoy a wonderful Amnesia Cone. Mr DEE 😉

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