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Ambrosia: Co2 Infused flower: Classification Hybrid: Balanced Head and Body:

Ambrosia took 2nd place in the Las Vegas Cannabis Cup in 2015. Which ain’t bad for her first time out. But what is better is she took 2nd place in the concentrates division because they didn’t have a infused flower category. Similar to Moon Rocks and Caviar Gold, Ambrosia has their own proprietary method of making a cleaner, safer product as well as extremely potent! A little goes a long way. The aim was specifically creating something that could benefit  the chronically in pain. This is a really nice balance of both head and body!

Decarboxylated Thc A:

This process converts ThcA into Thc !. Making it stronger and even able to be ingested. Although we don’t know many who eat their bud! I will have to say that it would actually be more beneficial to do so. Ambrosia actually has  a sweet taste. would be a great way to medicate a pet due to the sweet taste very little would be needed maybe a peanut size for larger dogs half a peanut or less for smaller dogs.

Smoking instructions: :  for Ambrosia:

A vaporizer would be ideal since that is the greatest way of getting medication to the body thru the lungs without the carbon presence. for bowl or bong users making a sandwich is the best. Starting with using a small amount of your favorite bud or shake in the bottom of the bowl followed by a peanut to half the size of a peanut on top in the middle rhen covered over with a smaller portion of bud on top. Helps to create a hotter temperature which ignites the Ambrosia which will eventually burns and then melts as the co2 and Kief

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