Amazing Vape Deal – Buy 4 for the price of 3.

Free Medical Cannabis Guide (PDF 2263kB)

You spoke we listened because we see what our clients feel they need. Obviously San Diego Medical Cannabis Delivery flower is becoming legendary in San Diego County because we provide the best flower which means we also supply the best vapes. In fact, Peak Vapes are accepted to be the best because they taste like you’re actually smoking the plant without all of the other excess plant material Medicinal Test results THC:48% / CBD: 0.2% / CBN: 0.36% Peak is the best in non toxic, clean solventless oil extraction.

Lets just be clear and say you’re pretty much smoking pure resin. Their non distilled process retains all of the natural Cbd, Cbn and Thc components keeping the integrity of the product intact! Call 760-626-8366 right now and take advantage of this amazing offer.

Don`t forget, you pay no taxes because we are a medical collective and do not accept recreational customers.

Purple Dragon Deal: