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Akashic is the newest form of Co2 infused bud that is actually charged with crystals! Yes It sits amongst the Crystillian World. For those who don’t believe crystals have their healing and inspiring energy does it really make a difference?? Think what you want. Just know as of now there is nothing that comes close. This is another Universe and I do warn tread EXTREMELY LIGHTLY! Each bud is hand injected to just the right saturation point. There is a series of processes involved which we can not divulge! Just know it is a long process from begining to end, and the end results makes this untouchable! This is a serious and very Potent infused flower so smoke with caution. Until you know what you can endure. Even seasoned Ambrosia, Caviar Gold, and Moonrockers were taken aback! Enjoy an interesting experience! Mr DEE;)

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