AC/DC (high Cbd strain)

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AC/DC: Pure Cbd great for Pain and Anxiety:


Ac/Dc is one of the more highly regarded strains that produce very high levels of cannabidiol (CBD’s) Which for someone who has major anxiety or pain will find a true benefit! This is not something one would smoke if they were looking to get high or super couch lock! Doesn’t work that way. Yet for someone who is looking for pure pain relief this is your show! Having had to use this to recover from operating procedures that included a lot of cutting and stitching. As well as I did not want to use opiates this brought a much needed relief and even allowed me to sleep at night getting full Rem. I can’t say enough about the good this particular plant and strain and what it really provides one with in so many facets. There may not be a miracle cure?! yet this comes as close as one can imagine for now.
Ac-Dc derives from the Cbd rich strain Cannatonic! It has a 22-1 ratio of cbds to thc. Not only is Ac-Dc good for treating pain and fighting cancer cells it is also could for treating those suffering from epilepsy, multiple sclerosis, as well as any negative effects of chemotherapy. It is sad that so much damage has been caused from the good ole boys of the FDA who know jack shit about this plant! Or do they? Maybe they are to busy protecting their buddies from the pharmaceuticals and their bottom line profit margins to care about the real needs of suffering human beings. When I find it I will provide it. Be well Me DEE;)

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