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3 Kings: 3 way Indoor Hybrid Cross of Sour Diesel and Headband: Great for Anxiety, Stress, Nausea and Migraines as well as good excellent pain relief without knocking one out:

3 Kings is an old school hybrid:. A great combination of 3 Classics each providing their own unique 
medicinal contributions. The day functionality of the Sour Diesel! The great pain relief of the OG 
and the cerebral activity of HeadBand Og. Interestingly enough Headband is a Sativa hybrid cross of 
OG Kush and Sour Diesel! Genetics wise that could be confusing to some. Nonetheless this is an excellent 

Great Day time functional for someone who requires pain treatment yet needs to be clear of mind:

I know from personal experience 3 Kings is really good for Migraines along with other things and is a really 
tasty strain along with its pungent Og deliverance of iconic lemon piney sour smell. This is old school and 
a really great strain that provides multiple benefits for multiple things the tried and true. 
So enjoy a really well done strain! Thank CCD for providing a quality medicine to our 
doors! Mr DEE;)
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