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INDOOR DEAL! $199=Oz $111=1/2oz $77=1/4oz

INDOOR Deal is good until Sunday Evening 8/05/18

You like a good Indoor Deal? Well then grab this one before its gone! You can Choose from any $20 gram valued strain!  So Be a Kid in a Candy Store and splurge MIX N MATCH a half oz or a Full ounce! Try several varieties especially if this is your first time here!

This is not some gimmick we want people to see the quality we really have!

EVEN IF WE ARE A DELIVERY! We Have excellent Top sheleves!

So Take advantage of this outstanding yet limited Deal offer! Your Hopes will more than be satisfied as soon as you see what your actually getting! Super Quality, Indoor some of them even Soil Grown Indoor Strains PLEASE ENJOY! MR DEE 🙂

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