Orange Cookie Nugs ( Indoor ) Deal $189=Oz $99=1/2oz $69=1/4oz

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Orange Cookie Nugs: Indoor Indica Dominant: Helps with Chronic Pain, Relaxation, Appetite Stimulation! Sleep:

Orange Cookie Nugs is one great midday smoke! Another excellent strain grown by Ninja and Right now we are offering them for a killer deal!!  These come from a Quality indoor grow these are just the  smaller buds separated from larger ones and PURPLE DRAGON is just passing the savings on to you!

So Be a Kid in a Candy Store and splurge even split a half oz or several 1/4ozs with some of our other excellent indoor Nug Selections! From Sativas Hybrids and other Indicas! We have an excellent selection!

We Guarantee these Orange Cookie Nugs will impress you for their overall quality, and shear kick in the pants potency of medication these nugs provide! They are well grown and cured! Their Smell of slightly Sour Oranges will make your mouth water.  They hit the mark of 10/10 in all categories, from their terpene profile, to their heavenly Fragrance, Taste and Potency!!

 Take advantage of this outstanding yet limited Deal offer! Your Hopes will more than be satisfied as soon as you see what your actually getting! Super Quality, Indoor Soil Grown Strains PLEASE ENJOY! MR DEE :)”

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