Memorial Day Tribute

May 28, 2017 2:09 pm Published by

A Memorial Day Tribute to all the Brave Veterans and Warriors:

On this Memorial Day, no matter what you personally believe! No matter your religion, faith, creed or practice. Please understand that there are those who have made and make a sacrifice of their own, for you. Whether you like it or not! A sacrifice that is real and uncompromised. Who have willingly offered themselves in the simple ideal belief of protecting the integrity of this Sovereign nation. To protect you and I, because we were all one family. Right or wrong! That doesn’t matter here this very day!

No Judgements:

This is not a day for judgement, or political views and opinions. because none of that changes anything. This is a day to recognize that very fact. Just thank the very ones who have made a deep commitment to you and your family. I myself am a vet,  I did serve and I have witnessed my friends and brothers who’ve served suffer. All that I ask is for everyone reading this to recognize these brave men and women. To recognize them as human beings just like yourself. They are mothers, fathers, sisters and brothers, cousins, aunts, and uncles, even grand fathers and grand mothers. Both past and present who served and or went to war with the mindset of protecting our civil liberties. This is what makes this country awesome. The sacred values of Freedom of speech, and human rights that our forefathers forged as the difference maker of true freedom itself. All that now seems a distant afterthought and is so taken for granted.

Just Give Thanks:

On this Memorial Day again I ask nothing else except to acknowledge the very fact there are those who would, and have, risked and in some cases sacrificed their very lives, protecting that very belief. By facing oppression and those that would harm us with courage and a fury that many would cower away from.

Perhaps a person could take a moment of silence and just say thanks to those who volunteered, made the sacrifice and died believing they were protecting your freedom.

Today is a day celebrating these men and women, so enjoy that BBQ,  smoke a spliff, eat eating Sushi and Couscous with a fine bottle of Merlot and drink a beer, or 5.  Today is not about judgement or persecution, it i about raising a glass and a toast to those that served so we can collectively, raise a glass and toast. They don`t ask for much,however today is their day, for us just to say, thank you to each and everyone one of the freedom fighters you may meet or pass wherever you are in this mysterious world called Earth.

Thanks Mr DEE 😉

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