San Diego Medical Marijuana

San Diego medical marijuana card

How To Purchase San Diego Medical Marijuana.

When you decided to buy from a San Diego Medical Marijuana delivery service, you need to be informed. Recent legal action by Attorney General Sessions means that Purple Dragon LLC is advising all of customers who wish to buy cannabis from us to obtain a medical marijuana recommendation before contacting us now.

Purple Dragon LLC decided not to pursue the “recreational cannabis” customer, instead we have chosen to focus on purely medical marijuana and helping patients both old and new.

At Purple Dragon we understand that our exclusive medical cannabis strains are much sought after by medical marijuana patients across San Diego County. More information as to how we choose our high grade medicinal product can be found here

However there are guidelines issued by the State of California and San Diego County that we have to comply with before we can help anyone with their medicinal needs.  Purple Dragon IS IN COMPLIANCE WITH: CALIFORNIA HEALTH AND SAFETY CODE SECTION 11362.5(B)(1)(A) & 11362.7(H), PROPOSITION 215 & SENATE BILL 420.

How do I order now?

For New Dragon Members Please Text

Both a Picture of Recommendation and of a Picture ID to  either
619-635-1729 or 760-626-8366
 ======or email to ======
When you contact Purple Dragon, we will work expediently to verify your details so we can make you another one of our 1000s of satisfied patients. We understand you have a wide range of choices when you decide to purchase medical cannabis in San Diego, and we know you like us want a service that is reliable, discreet and professional.
If you feel that you would like to buy medical cannabis from Purple Dragon, then you can call 619-635-1729 or 760-626-8366 now.