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HASHMAN Drops 1-1 CBD 100mg / Relax 200 mg Canna Drops

These are another nice company who makes a potent dose both will have some psycho active effects becase of Thc levels! If that is not your thing we have alternatives.

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Wonder Cannabis Tincture Liquid Drops 2.1 Ratio 420 CBD 210 Thc

CBD Oil Wonder Drops 2.1 Ratio great for the daytime functional needs: Alert and focus with plenty of energy: great for pain: Well I always look for quality products! This hands down is one of the best for clean and pure unadulterated and pesticide free. I personally used this one for my mother during her… View Article

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WONDER DROPS CBD 25-1 – CBD Oil Delivery

CBD Oil Delivery – WONDER DROPS CBD 25-1   Wonder drops CBD Oil is simply a wonderful product that really works and provides relief from a myriad of symptoms. This particular Wonder Drops is a 25-1 ratio so it is perfect for someone who does not want to be feel any effects of the medicine other… View Article

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