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Sour Tangie: RadWax Shatter: Sativa: Upbeat energizing euphoric  cerebral experience: If you want to talk about about tasty?! Then Sour Tangie is exactly that! But oh no she doesn’t stop there! This  smells and tastes like delicious sour Tangerines. Clean and Potent this girl induces a boost of creativity while relieving one of stress. Quickly… View Article

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RadWax~ Semi Shatter (FUEL) 1 gram

Fuel or Jet Fuel: Sativa Dominant Hybrid Semi Shatter:  Thc content around 17-19% Fuel or Jet Fuel, which also goes by another name “G6,” is a heavy sativa dominant hybrid. She is somewhere around 70% sativa/30% indica. This strain was created by crossing High Country Diesel strains with Aspen OG. Jet Fuel has very powerful THC levels and… View Article

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