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shatter - Description:

RadWax 1 gram TANGY SOUR

Man if you want to talk about about tasty?! This Tangy sour smells and tastes like sour Tangerines and is a really super potent RadWax Semi shatter. Its is Both is a very clean shatter. Its is soft and a bit tacky but not ridiculous . As usual just throw in the freezer if it… View Article

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RadWax~ Semi Shatter (Clementine Sativa) 1 gram

This is some super nice slightly tacky very tasty Semi Snap Shatter. Personally if they had let it air cure it would be become full on snap yet none the less it is a really nice Shatter!

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Habit Sparkling Sodas, 100mg

Habit Sparkling Sodas! When you’re looking for a refreshing drink that also provides the medicinal benefits, no one does it better than Habit Sparkling Sodas.  These are all natural fruit extracts with zero chemicals. As of right now, our flavors are Peach and Kiwi! There are no artificial flavorings,  they are solvent free, low in… View Article

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Tarantula XXX is the top of the proverbial potency, smack you in the face not for the light hearted Clan! It is the King of them all! This wonderful creation is truly one of a kind and should be smoked by most of you in moderation! Maybe there are a few of you that could… View Article

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