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RadWax 1 gram TANGY SOUR

Man if you want to talk about about tasty?! This Tangy sour smells and tastes like sour Tangerines and is a really super potent RadWax Semi shatter. Its is Both is a very clean shatter. Its is soft and a bit tacky but not ridiculous . As usual just throw in the freezer if it… View Article

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RadWax~ Semi Shatter (FUEL) 1 gram

Fuel or Jet Fuel: Sativa Dominant Hybrid Semi Shatter:  Thc content around 17-19% Fuel or Jet Fuel, which also goes by another name “G6,” is a heavy sativa dominant hybrid. She is somewhere around 70% sativa/30% indica. This strain was created by crossing High Country Diesel strains with Aspen OG. Jet Fuel has very powerful THC levels and… View Article

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