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Cannabis Seeds, cuttings of plants to clone, and maturing full plants with roots.

SUPER PURPLE CHEESE – ( Indica dominant (F1) 5 seed packet

Harvested 2015: Breeder Ninja: We carried this one for a long time on our shelves, a very potent and tasty indica dominant, this is very consistent, grows well indoor and outdoor.Consistency wise? Seed after seed you will get the same thing over and over, no variance at all this is a serious locked in strain…. View Article

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White Dawg-Medical Marijuana Seeds

White Dawg-Medical Marijuana Seeds!!! White Dawg is a combination of 2 people who love their craft. Zentwist from Northern California and Rainbow a breeder from Hawaii. These seeds were created out of a cross of a Hawaiian White Buffalo crossed with a Chem Dog #4 obtained from Zen! This is a hearty plant and definitely grows… View Article

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