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Bird of Paradise: Medicinal benefits: Excellent for PTSD, inflammation, depression, Migraines, anxiety, nausea: Bird of Paradise was a 12 year work of eventual achievment.  The medicinal benefits this incredible plant offers are awesome! Being a  Hybrid cross of  Kali Snapple X Blue Heron: Her terepine profile alone is impressive and complex! This is one really… View Article

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Emerald Star Cannabis Seed -7 Pack-

Emerald Star: Cannabis Seed: Breeders Ninja & ZenTwist: Sativa Dominant: Great day time functional: Emerald Star is excellent for someone who suffers from chronic pain , yet wants to be able to fully function during the day.  She brings an super energizing, upbeat, alert focus! Its like drinking several cups of double shots of espresso!… View Article

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