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Emerald Cookies

Emerald Cookies: Indoor Sativa Dominant Hybrid: Upbeat focused, energizing: Here’s a real unique strain! Not even sure we will ever get it again. Emerald Cookies is an Excellent Indoor cross of Green Crack and Girl Scout Cookies! This Girl retains the high energy of her cousin Green Crack ( Hate the name by the way… View Article

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DR WHO (Premium Select)

DR WHO: Sativa Dominant Hybrid: Indoor Fire: Day Time functional Sativa Hybrid:    Dr Who is excellent for dealing with (Chronic Pain!) and provides strong pain relief. She is also one of the more intriguing strains has many great properties, for someone who has more severe pain issues! Dr Who is a 60/40 Sativa dominant Hybrid.  She provides a vast amount… View Article

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Orange Cookie Nugs ( Indoor ) Deal $189=Oz $99=1/2oz $69=1/4oz

Orange Cookie Nugs: Indoor Indica Dominant: Helps with Chronic Pain, Relaxation, Appetite Stimulation! Sleep: Orange Cookie Nugs is one great midday smoke! Another excellent strain grown by Ninja and Right now we are offering them for a killer deal!!  These come from a Quality indoor grow these are just the  smaller buds separated from larger ones and PURPLE… View Article

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GORILLA GLUE #4 indoor -Premium Select-

Gorilla Glue #4: Indoor 60/40 Indica Dominant Hybrid: Great for Chronic Pain: Deep relaxation, Migraines, Anxiety: This is the heavy hitter in the Glue Family. One that can take you out with one hit smoke and choke! No kidding caught a few of us by surprise! Yet really she shouldn’t have because the nose on her… View Article

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