Purple Dragon: Pre-Rolled  Catalog

Pre-Rolled -

A pre-rolled is a medical marijuana joint that has been prepared by the dispensary or delivery service in advance for purchase

TARANTULA XX ( Super Glue )

Strain Specific Awesome Tarantula a serious multi medicater! You will enjoy the flavor of this Top shelf Super Glue mixed with Co2 oil and wax loads, inside then melted shatter that is then rolled in AAA golden Kief. Enjoy ! Mr DEE 😉

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Tarantula XXX: Come in Indica/Sativa/Hybrid: This is just more of an already excellent Muti Medicating Pre-Roll! Just a continued  extension of the Original Tarantula! Which was only a ground Bud pre-roll that had melted high grade shatter on the outside that was then gently rolled in kief! Difference being from a Tarantula XXX  and an… View Article

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[ tba ]

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Mini Amnesia Cone

The Amnesia Cone provides a superior mellow smoke that is not lacking when it comes to flavor better than that the Amnesia Cone provides a strong medication for pain, relaxation and sleep! The Amnesia Cone another feather in the cap of the Dare family, which is another series of Top Grade pre-rolls carried here at… View Article

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Amnesia Cones (Large)

What is an Amnesia cone?! Amnesia Cone is a pre-roll. These medium  large leopard spotted cones are made with quality ground bud. That is then carefully blended with smallest of pieces of Ambrosia flower. AMBROSIA is the Queen of infused bud, she took 2nd place in the 2015 Cannabis Cup in Las Vegas. crazy enough, it… View Article

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Mini Dare

Which came first?The Triple dare, Double Dare the or the Mini Dare, In what order did these come? Our oldest clients know the answer to this question. Mini Dares are ground bud Pre-rolls that have a wicked drop of Co2 oil put into the end for a head kicking punch! These are just one of… View Article

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Tarantula ( Original )

This is like Mini Dare just wasn’t happy being a Mini Dare and had to go out on her own and become something new the nerve of her! Well then she showed us her new rahgs starting with a coating of Co2 Shatter on the outside, dipped in awesome fine, high grade Kief! This is a… View Article

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Tarantula XXX is the top of the proverbial potency, smack you in the face not for the light hearted Clan! It is the King of them all! This wonderful creation is truly one of a kind and should be smoked by most of you in moderation! Maybe there are a few of you that could… View Article

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