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ZEN COOKIES (Organic Exclusive Exotic)

Zen Cookies: Indica Dominant Hybrid: Great for chronic pain, deep relaxation, appetite and sleep! Zen Cookies was developed by ZenTwist a grower originally from Northern Calif! Between him and Ninja, they have created a variety of marvelous strains. They trade with each other some of their strains they developed to enhance their genetic pools! Zen… View Article

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Tangerine Cookies ( Organic Exotic )

Tangerine Cookies: Organic Exotic: 9.9 / 10 P.D. RATING! 50/50 Hybrid: Organic Soil Grown Greenhouse: Tangerine Cookies is an excellent Purple Dragon in-house 50/50 Hybrid that covers a lot of ground between body and head. She Comes on strong to the head first with a rush, followed closely by a delightful body warmth! Making this… View Article

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