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Blueberry Muffins ( Nugs ): 80/20% Indica Dominant Hybrid: Excellent for Chronic Pain, Nausea, Anxiety: Blueberry Muffins Nugs is just the beginning of a wonderful tease soon to be in full size buds. Having said that do not let their size fool you into thinking they are less potent! Honestly will knock you on your… View Article

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ZEN COOKIES (Organic Exclusive Exotic)

Zen Cookies: Indica Dominant Hybrid: Great for chronic pain, deep relaxation, appetite and sleep! Zen Cookies was developed by ZenTwist a grower originally from Northern Calif! Between him and Ninja, they have created a variety of marvelous strains. They trade with each other some of their strains they developed to enhance their genetic pools! Zen… View Article

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Tangerine Cookies ( Organic Exotic )

Tangerine Cookies: Organic Exotic: 9.9 / 10 P.D. RATING! 50/50 Hybrid: Organic Soil Grown Greenhouse: Tangerine Cookies is an excellent Purple Dragon in-house 50/50 Hybrid that covers a lot of ground between body and head. She Comes on strong to the head first with a rush, followed closely by a delightful body warmth! Making this… View Article

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